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beats and Cuts Barber Shop

Jumeirah, Dubai   |   04 342 7727   |   Male


Motor City, Dubai   |   04 447 3826   |   Female

Valery&Co Beauty Salon

Business Bay, Dubai   |   055 688 8800   |   Female

Tigerlily Beauty Salon

Jumeirah, Dubai   |   04 344 0320   |   Female

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Expert Advice

Mike Ryan

Trichologist & Brand Expert
Clear Arabia

The following are some tips for a healthy diet for your hair, given to you by Mike Ryan, Trichologist (Vivandi Hair Spa) & Brand Expert of CLEAR Arabia.

A well balanced diet containing all essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats can keep the hair healthy. It’s necessary to hone the nutrient intake through the food we eat to make sure it is healthy for the hair. A nutritious diet can help sustain healthy hair growth, prevent hair shedding and hair loss. Below are ...

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Tips & Advice

8 Mistakes You Make While Washing Your Hair
Let me ask you a question, do you think when you shower? Or do you just do it naturally, not really paying attention to how you shower? Well, after reading this article, I think you will start to think in the shower. Because your shower routine might actually be causing more harm than good to your hair. So here are ...

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