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James Davis

James Davis

Designation: Celebrity hairdresser & Creator

Company: Herra Protect Hair Perfume

Summer is meant to be having fun under the sun, so it is just right that while we enjoy the outdoors, we take extra care of our hair to prevent any damage before it’s too late. When it comes to hair care tips and trends it doesn't get any better than getting some insider advice from an international expert!
Luckily, celebrity hairdresser James Davis, creator of Herra Protect Hair Perfume and founder of UK-based multi award-winning Clay Hair Salon, was in town recently, and he revealed his best summer beauty tricks to help you keep a healthy and beautiful hair.

Sun, sand and sea
We all know that the sun’s UV rays are just as damaging to the hair as they are to the skin. Too much sun and the combination of sand and sea can therefore spell trouble for your hair. If you think it’s not cool to keep your hair covered while you soak up the sun, James have these tricks to bail you out of bad hair day blues: “It’s important to use moisturizing shampoo and conditioners where the weather is hot, and ideally they should be sulphate-free. Of course some can be heavier than others but they give the hair a chance of holding onto the moisture rather than drying out. Salt water and chlorine are massively damaging to the hair, so if you have highlighted hair, I would strongly recommend not swimming too much as the chlorine can build up and add a green tone to the hair, which is not easy to remove.It’s actually a good trick to use an argan oil over your hair when it is dry before swimming. This acts like a seal and protector against salts and chlorine. It’s also really important that you rinse your hair in a shower, or if possible shampoo it, to remove all the salts and chlorines straight after exposing your hair to them.”

Frizz-free hair and summer-proof colour
Frizzy fried and fading colour are two your biggest hair issues during summer. How to deal with them, James said, is as easy as 1, 2, 3: “First, make sure you use a lightweight hair oil or smoothing balm at least 2-3 times in the day. Second, loosely tie your hair up in a bun – this compacts the hair together and allows less chance of frizz and damage as it does when the hair is down and exposed more. Third, when blow drying your hair, finish it off with the cool setting on, NOT HEAT. This helps shut the hair shaft down and allowing the frizz to be maintained for longer during the day.”

Summer must-haves
Summer hair care products are aplenty, but for James, two items stand out: “My favourite product this summer is Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream. Keep this beauty with you at all times for smoother lightweight luscious locks. Another essential is of course Herra Protect Hair Perfume. Herra is all-day protection for the hair. It shields the hair from pollution, the drying effects of air-conditioning, sun’s UV rays, and from other free radicals. It acts like an umbrella for the hair and allows the hair to build strength and hold onto condition and natural shine. The core benefit is all its protection elements, and the bonus is the signature fragrance it lends to your hair. It’s actually hair protection that you can use all year round!”

No sweat summer updo
For the perfect hairstyle that would help you keep looking hot this season, James said you don’t need to sweat it out to create a sophisticated updo. What is James’ favourite star-inspired summer hairstyle? Here goes: “Loose Bridget Bardot updo. Twist 7-8 large sections around a curling iron to create a smooth ringlets with some bounce and shape, then pin hair into a low updo. Looks styled but undone. Love this look!”


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