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10 Ways to go from Chemically Straightened to Natural Hair

As much as we love chemically straightened or rebonded hair because of how easy they are to handle & manage as compared to our own natural hair. What quite happens when your own hair starts to grow out showing your natural roots?

Rebonding and relaxing chemical treatments make your hair look simply gorgeous. In fact, there are almost no bad hair days with long straightened hair. But the problem starts when your natural hair starts to grow out, showing the natural roots. A crown of wavy hair combined with straight locks below can look quite shabby. We show you a few ways in which you can manage this situation and still look like a million bucks.

The Natural Look

1. Chop Off Those Locks
The easiest way to get rid of straightened hair and transition to natural locks is by chopping off the chemically treated bits. Grow out your hair till your ears or neck and go short. Try the asymmetric cut or a classic bob.

2. Get A Good Haircut
Chemically treated hair can look dull and devoid of moisture, especially at the ends. If you don’t want to cut off the length, try going for a good haircut in layers or steps.  This should change the look of your hair slightly and merge the treated hair with natural hair better.

3. Try Different Hairstyles
While going from straightened hair to natural hair without the big cut, you need to be equipped with hairstyle lessons. Trust us, you’re going to need it. The simplest one is puffing your hair in the front and pinning it (as shown on the right). You can even try a range of braids, ponytails and buns.

4. Stay Away From Heat
We know you’re very tempted to blow-dry the top section of your hair or use a flat iron, but avoid it at any cost. The natural hair that grows is vulnerable due to the chemical treatment and needs proper care. If you do need to use heat, ensure that it is only on rare occasions and you use heat protection serum beforehand.

5. Trim Regularly
Get monthly trims for your hair as once the natural hair grows out, your treated hair will look dull and lifeless compared to the glow of top section of your hair. A regular trim will also ensure that your hair grows out faster.

6. Pre- And Post-Shampoo Care
Just like your face needs moisturising after every chemical treatment, your hair needs it too. Use oil, hair mask and other deep conditioning products before you head for a regular wash. Do all this even after your hair is dry by using leave-in conditioners and oils.

7. Avoid Over-Shampooing
You may be tempted to shampoo your hair every alternate day, but when growing out your hair go easy on the washing. Wet hair is more prone to damage, so opt for dry shampoo instead.

8. Care According To Hair Type
Almost half your hair will be naturally curly or wavy and half may be straight, so each section needs different kind of care. Opt for damage repair products for the chemically treated section and healthy hair products for the natural bits.

9. Go For A Hair Spa Once A Month
Besides conditioning your hair at home with oil, go for professional deep conditioning or a hair spa at least once a month or two months, depending on your hair type. Opt for salon treatments that use natural ingredients and offer hair strengthening.

10. Take Hair Growth Supplements
Consult your doctor and take hair supplements that offer better growth and quality to your locks. Ensure that you combine the medication with healthy eating, too.

source: inonit.in


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