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5 Ways to Fight Frizz

Pouf, fuzz, frayed ends: This is the price we pay for balmy weather. (The upside: glowy skin and, well, balmy weather.) But there are steps you can take to fight frizz, so go ahead—let your hair down this summer.

“Hair becomes frizzy when it runs out of its moisture and natural oils,” explains New York City-based celebrity stylist Angelo David. “Genetics can also play a big role in making you predisposed to frizziness. And external factors, such as styling tools, and yes, humidity, can also make your hair frizzy. Another factor? Not using the right product for your specific hair texture can also exacerbate the problem.”

And even those stylish seasonal highlights could cause more harm than good. 

“Over-processing hair with chemical services, such as hair color, is one of the main cases for frizzy hair,” warns Beverly Hills-based celebrity stylist Nelson Chan.

1. Wash in sleekness
Start in the shower with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. They contain ingredients, like dimethicone, that smooth each strand's outer layer — the secret to shiny, frizz-free hair. If your hair is fine, apply conditioner only from the mid-shafts to the ends, to prevent flat locks. Steer clear of volumizing formulas, which make hair swell and can exacerbate frizz.

2. Style with serum
The styling ingredient silicone can tame even the unruliest tresses. Thick or coarse hair needs a lot; you'll find it in a serum. If you have thin locks, opt for a cream or lotion, which has less of the frizz fighter. Apply your choice to soaking-wet hair: If it's dry or even damp, the product can leave a greasy feeling.

3. Forget air-drying
When you let hair air-dry, it absorbs humidity, which is the culprit behind frizz. The faster your hair goes from wet to dry, the quicker you lay down the cuticle and the less likely it is to frizz out. If you can't dry right after showering, rewet hair when you're ready to blow-dry it. Then make sure hair is 100% dry: Any residual moisture will cause frizzies later. (A final shot of cool air will help further seal the cuticle.)

4. Check your brush
Parched or fried hair is especially frizz-prone. But your scalp's own oils can keep strands supple, with the help of a boar-bristle brush (good for everyday brushing and blow-drying). These natural oils attach to the bristles, and the brush distributes them down the length of your locks, coating and protecting them

5. Try an updo
If you'll be outdoors en route to your destination, shield your tresses from humidity by putting them up till you arrive. Only the top layer will be exposed, while all the hair underneath will stay sleek. And skip elastics, which can create creases. Take your hair down upon arrival, and run your palms over any stray frizzies; the natural oils on your skin will help smooth them.?


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