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Home > Tips & Advice > All You Need to Know About Curling Irons 101 - (Part 1)

All You Need to Know About Curling Irons 101 - (Part 1)

The best curling iron tailored to the particular type of hair is a must have styling tool that is perfect for giving your face a trendy and sexy look. Since ringlets and waves are back; the gorgeous curly hairstyle is becoming a standout trend.

Using the best curling iron you can add volume to your hair or to try carefree curls. In fact it will take only 10 minutes to create a different look for the office or for an amazing night out. This hot tool will help you to style your hair and draw everyone`s attention to your appearance anywhere you go. If you want to buy a new curling iron or replace your hair styling tool, this article is the perfect place to start. Whether you are looking for facts and information or you are about to purchase a new device, check out these tips on how to choose the best curling Iron.

There are certain factors to consider before you buy a hair curler. Among the most important details are the type of the tool, of the diameter of the barrel or wand, the materials and functions.

Curling Iron Types
There are different types of curling irons to style your hair. Each product works specifically and determines the type of curls you get. It is also important to your hair type and length. Here are some tips on how to choose the best curling iron for you:

1) Curling Iron Waver

The best curling iron to get a gorgeous beach waves and amazing volume for a short time is the waver. It features two or three barrels creating a wave pattern. To use it hold a lock of hair and go down section by section. For a few minutes you will wear one of the hottest hairstyles and will be ready for a great night out.

This type of curling iron can make both loops and waves depending on whether it has two or three barrels. By using this curling iron you can get precise curls fast and easy.

2) Spring Curling Iron

This hair curler is ideal for use at home, specially for beginners. It is the easiest to use and is good to start off with. This type of curling iron is recommended if you haven’t had others before.

Spring curling irons have a wide selection of barrel sizes. The tool has a spring clamp that could be opened with a thumb handle. Clips keep the hair in place. This user-friendly clip-style tool heats up in a few seconds. How it works – divide hair into sections; hold one and wrap it around the curling iron. Hold it tight for 3-5 seconds and release the hair from this direct source of heat. With this basic styling tool curls could be fun.

3) Marcel Curling Iron

This type of curling iron is used mostly from professional hair stylists so it is best to work your way up to the Marcel. They are harder to operate with but offer excellent styling control. Stylists use them because of the professional grade materials which give salon quality results.

Anyway this option is more suitable for professional experts in hair styling. Instead of spring-loaded clamp it features a loose handle. If you are looking for the best curler without having to visit a salon, opt for another curling iron.

4) Curling Iron Wand

This clipless curling iron requires you to roll the hair from the root around the wand and to hold it with a hand while the hair section is wrapped around. Use a special glove to protect your skin from burning. Some irons feature conical stick for a bigger curl size; other are coming with a spiral wand for spiral curls. You can get unique waves with a triangle-shaped iron. This electric iron is designed to eliminate the hair crease.

Curling Iron: Sizes and Diameters
There is such a wide variety when it comes to best curling iron sizes or diameters. Large wand or barrel means big voluminous curls while small diameter is for tight ringlets. When choosing a hair styling tool, you have to consider the length of your hair. You should be able to wrap the section around the iron at least 1 ½ times.

The size of rod will determine the type of curls. A ¼ inch wand will create tight spirals. An electric curler with a large diameter reflects in soft waves. The smaller the iron, the tighter the ringlets and vice versa. The most common sizes are: under 0.7 Inches; 0.7 – 0.9 In; 1-1.4 “; 1.5 to 1.6 Inches; above 1.7 Inches.

The bold shoulder-length cut requires a barrel size of 0.7 inches. A 1-1.4 inches wand is best for a feminine and sexy medium length hair. If you have really long hair you will need a curling iron with a barrel of about 1.7 inches.


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