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Home > Tips & Advice > All You Need to Know About Curling Irons 101 - (Part 2)

All You Need to Know About Curling Irons 101 - (Part 2)

The best curling iron tailored to the particular type of hair is a must have styling tool that is perfect for giving your face a trendy and sexy look. Since ringlets and waves are back; the gorgeous curly hairstyle is becoming a standout trend. This will serve as a good guide to know which curling iron is tailored for your hair!

Best Curling Iron Materials

Ceramic Tourmaline Technology
The latest innovation in styling tools design is using a ceramic heating surface and tourmaline crystals. The crashed tourmaline into a powder is added to the ceramic surface of the curling iron.

This combination distinguishes the best curling iron from the others. The crystalline structure quickly generates the best heat. That way it works more effective on for your hair. You do not have to pass of the iron over the hair more than once. The hair care experts claim that the semi-precious stone tourmaline thanks to the Ionic technology softens the hair, helps to keep the moisture into it, prevents frizz and protects the hair cuticle.

There are two types available – a solid tourmaline curling iron which is more expensive but long-lasting or a tourmaline-coated tool that is more affordable but the coating is highly vulnerable to scratches. The coating may wear off, exposing the surface underneath.

Ceramic & Infra-red Technology
Some experts claim that the best curling iron for colour treated hair features ceramic rod and infra-red rays. The latest-generation electric curler takes care of hair moisture balance by using a radiant heating technology. Titanium is best in preventing damaged and split ends. Yet, the best curling iron is considered a tool featuring ceramic or tourmaline coating.

Common Materials
Chrome or metal irons are among the most affordable but if you are not experienced enough you can burn your hair. Gold and Teflon coated styling tools are better choices than chrome because they protect your hair.

Best curling Iron: Checklist of Essential Features
If you want to buy the best curling iron, you should look at following essential characteristics and functions

Multiple graduated temperature settings (from the lowest possible temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit);
LED temperature indicator to monitor the heat
Long swivel cord
Auto-shut off
Tangle-free cord
Rheostat temperature control
Heat-resistant protective glove

Curling Iron Pros and Cons

Easy to use
Styling flexibility
Curls and waves last for a long time (until you wash your hair)

Compared to the classic rollers or braids, heat can cause damage the hair
Relatively high in price
Using curling iron requires some experience
Clamps may cause hair creases
Possible burns of scalp or hand

Before Using a Curling Iron
Before curling wash your hair and let it dry in a fresh air environment. Take into account that even the best curling iron can be dangerous for your hair so for best results you have to use protective hair products. Spread curling mousse through your hair. If you want your curls to start from the roots then apply a protective spray on all the length otherwise cover only on the lower level. Then spray a heat protectant.

Hair Curling Techniques
Use the heat for a short time. Release the formed hair spiral in 10-15 seconds. Start hair styling from the front to the back. For a sexy natural look you should change the direction in which you flip your hair. After finishing, shake your head and your curls will look bouncy and soft.

Best Curling Iron for Color-treated Hair
It is an undoubted truth that thermal styling dries out the color-treated hair even further. So it is very important to choose the best curling iron for dry hair and put a physical barrier between your locks and direct heat.

If you have colored or damaged hair opt for a personal heat-styling appliance featuring tourmaline and ceramic barrel. It keeps the moisture of the hair. Choose a curling iron with multiple temperature settings in order to use the lowest possible heat.
Secondly, prepare your hair before styling. Use a rich moisturizing conditioner. This product absorbs into the locks and serves as a barrier to the heat.

Thirdly, set the thermostat at the low temperature – 280 – 300 °F (140-150°C). Roll it quickly from the roots to the ends and do not leave the iron on your hair for a long time.

Learning these important facts and tips will make it easier to buy the best curling iron. 


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