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Top 5 Ways to Make Messy Buns in under 5 Minutes

Messy hair buns are the perfect way to style your hair if you are in a rush, having a bad hair day, during vacations or just want a quick hairstyle without having to take out any equipments. Why not learn different variations of this ever popular look?

Messy hair is not considered atrocious and offensive in any kind of a meeting. Indeed there are rush hours for everybody and the last thing on the mind is to spend hours in the mirror taming the unruly hair, especially on bad hair days.

Let’s face it – we all have our bad hair days. Dealing with it is a little too frustrating sometimes, understandably. Well the good part is that the messy hair is extremely in vogue and it is a hassle free affair. So getting the messy look and still looking your stylish best will save you both times and will you help you transform your look as well.

It is very simple to get a messy look if you could try out for yourself. Don’t worry about your time issues anymore. Here are some tips of getting a messy look in just five minutes. You can try out these five simple styles of getting your messy look. You just need to twirl and twistyour hair a little pronto and the magic is done. I am pretty sure you are going to love it.

Let’s look at some simple easy steps for making Messy Bun Hairstyles.


This look is simple and easy as it looks. Use a light base gel or even pomade will help you attain the look.

Step 1: Pull your hair back and secure it in a high ponytail
Step 2: Drape your hair evenly just round the elastic band

If you want more quality result or volume, you can also use a hairspray. This is just the right mixture for a messy look as it looks sleek and super smart at the same time.


Another simple affair if you can tackle the knotty tricks here which I assure is not problematic at all. All you have to do is to make a simple knot by taking some small sections of your hairline from the sides.

Step 1: Twirl and play around with the knots a little. Twist the hair from your sides and bring it right up back
Step 2: Take the remaining part of your hair and twist it into a simple knot

You don’t have to spend time braiding your hair now, when you can get a better look with simple knotty tricks like this one



If you get this look perfected then it will be great for you

Step 1: Let the hair fall naturally on the sides when you are securing your hair into a bun
Step 2: Make sure that you don’t pull and twist the hair too tight while making the bun.
Step 3: Secure it with bobby pins on the side

Not doing much is the trick here, so no gels or mousse is needed to get this messy look. If you get it right you can do this under a minute. Your just-got-up-look is ready.


This look is suited for every hairstyle. It looks even great with the fringe look.

Step 1: Part your hair towards the crown of your hair. If you have a fringe you can start right from after the bangs
Step 2: Twist your hair and secure it tight on the sides
Step 3: Take the remaining part of your hair and pull it straight up to the top and make a knot, when you are left with your final loop, you can let your hair fall naturally and let it go loose

That way you will secure your bun and have your messy look at the same time.


Simple, straight and friendly describes this look. To get this messy look is one simple affair.

Step 1: Make a side parting

Step 2: Tie and secure it up in a high ponytail. Now when you are doing the knotty business, remember to push your lines from the normal bun

Step 3: Make sure that with each spread or twist, you have to turn your hairline towards the top. While enveloping your hair try not to spread it round in the same manner instead know the loopholes of this trick.

There is a thin line between a hairstyle looking messy and a messy hairstyle. Looking not too made-up and still looking your best is what makes a messy look so desirable.

So, start with a new inspiration each day with all the cool ideas that have been conveyed to you. Look your messy best!

Source: fashionlady.in


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